Our ALN/EAL Department will be publishing an article of interest for students and families on a regular basis. In this article, Miss Vicky talks about Dyslexia.

The stigma of people with Dyslexia are that they are lazy, stupid or problematic. This could not be further from the truth! Dyslexic minds simply see the world differently and now this amazing skill is finally being recognised as a gift and not something to shy away from. Dyslexic Thinking is now a noun and a Linkedin skill!

Dictionary Definition: dyslexic thinking (noun)

An approach to problem solving, assessing information, and learning, often used by people with dyslexia, that involves pattern recognition, spatial reasoning, lateral thinking, and interpersonal communication.

Dyslexic minds may be confined by the school system with standardised tests, but in the business world, where thinking differently gives you a competitive edge, they can focus on their strengths and thrive. Dyslexics are described as game changers as they ask “What if”? Rather than “Why not”?

40% of self made millionaires are Dyslexic!

There are many well known Dyslexic entrepreneurs who have made a difference to this world who all attribute this to their Dyslexia.

We aim to help any of our students with the challenges of Dyslexia and how best to overcome them. We can offer many different accommodations and will find the best to suit each student.


Miss Vicky Green

ALN Department