At The British School of Málaga we teach the English national curriculum, for children from 3 to 18 years.  Our school implements UK teaching methodology using the British educational system, which is internationally recognised for its prestige and academic results.

The teaching language is English.  All our teachers are UK qualified and native speakers, prepared to teach their subjects just as they would in an English school in the UK or in any other part of the world.  In fact, one of the great advantages of the British system is that it is in place in a large number of countries which allows families to move countries without any drastic educational changes for their children.

The British educational system is creative, practical and dedicated to skill development. This dynamic environment is adapted to students and allows them to contribute to and lead their own learning.  Independence and responsibility are strongly promoted.

We consider our school to be a bicultural environment, a perfect mixture of the British curriculum and the local Spanish language and culture of Málaga.  As well as the British curriculum, our students enjoy additional Spanish studies which provide them with a more global education.

Starting in Reception (children of 4 years) we introduce lessons in Spanish.  In Primary students take Spanish Language and Sociales; in Secondary they continue with Spanish Language and Geografía e Historía.  Finally in the Sixth Form they have a wide variety of Spanish subjects from which to choose from to combine with their British subjects and enable their access to universities all over the world.

British Curriculum