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At British School of Malaga we have developed an educational programme based on language teaching and personal development, we offer each student a personalised education throughout the different stages of schooling.

Our private school in Malaga has an environment that motivates students and encourages the development of their abilities, preparing each student to face the challenges that await them in their professional and personal future.

What makes us the best school in Malaga?

What makes us the best private school in Malaga is our educational programme, based on a wide range of languages and personalised attention to each student.

We achieve the highest educational excellence through the following values.

Innovative educational programme

We incorporate the main educational innovations in our classrooms, students acquire routines based on innovation and continuous adaptation

International programmes

In collaboration with the International Schools Partnership, we offer our students all kinds of immersive activities based on the regular use of languages.

Individual training

We focus on the needs and expectations of each student, to help them put their knowledge into practice and enhance their innate abilities.

Private School in Malaga for all stages of education

Our private school in Malaga, offers your children programme adapted to each of their educational stages.

Nursery school

This first stage insists on learning values such as friendship, manual dexterity, basic communicative competences, etc. During these years the student learns the basics of writing and reading, in our school, the nursery school is also the first contact with other languages.

Primary courses

In the primary school years the student acquires all kinds of basic knowledge in mathematics, science, language, etc. The knowledge that the student is able to assimilate during this stage will be very important for their later development, that is why in our private school in Malaga we follow personalised teaching programme.

Secondary courses

Secondary school is a period based on the deepening of all kinds of technical knowledge. In these four years the student is oriented towards a professional future, that is why it is important that he or she has an educational programme adapted to his or her abilities.


The baccalaureate is the last stage prior to university. During these two years the student must prepare himself to face his higher studies and his future working career.

What makes us different from other private schools in Malaga?

Our teaching programmes are based on language learning and personalised education, the results achieved by our students are the best proof of the success of our educational programmes.

Indoor and outdoor facilities

In our private school in Malaga, we have the necessary facilities to develop all kinds of activities at any educational stage.

Teaching in different languages

Our students learn in different languages, normalizing their daily use and enhancing their communication skills.

Values based on integral education and respect

We also prepare our students to become citizens of the future through the continuous teaching of values.

At our private school in Malaga we care about languages

Much of our success is based on the language learning programme that begins during the first school years. Education is based on two aspects, on the one hand, we offer our students a basic knowledge of the language that is developed in class, to this learning we add all kinds of activities, they can communicate continuously in other languages and their communication skills are as common as the use of their mother tongue.

Our best guarantee are the results of our students year after year. We ensure that everyone who passes through our classrooms learns English and other languages throughout their school years, encouraging lifelong learning for their future.

Native teachers for a high level of education

One of our educational advantages is teaching with native teachers. Studying with English-speaking people allows to multiply the capacity of listening and understanding, motivating the student to put into practice what he or she has learned in the classroom.

British Education, the pillar of our Private School

Our main value as a British school is the language learning method that we have developed. We ensure that the student is able to develop the language skills necessary to function in all kinds of situations, classroom education and immersive activities allow communication in other languages to be perceived as something natural, promoting a permanent teaching spirit in the face of to your future.

We are part of the International School Partnership

One of the main advantages of our private school in Malaga is the ISP activities. This environment allows us to offer our students all kinds of activities focused on language learning in an international environment.

The ISP is the perfect complement to put into practice what the pupil has learned in the classroom. International activities allow our students to learn about other cultures from an early age, and to communicate in other languages.

¡Si buscas un Colegio en Malaga con una educación de calidad sin duda es este! 

Nuestro principal compromiso hacia nuestros alumnos se basa en ofrecer la mejor educación. Además de inculcar conocimientos técnicos, también basamos nuestros programmes en el desarrollo de valores que permitan a tus hijos desarrollar capacidades sociales, espíritu crítico y un compromiso permanente con la educación y el aprendizaje.
Si quieres ofrecer a tus hijos la mejor educación de cara a su futuro, elige British School of Malaga.

If you are looking for a school in Malaga with a quality education, this is it!

Our main commitment to our students is based on offering the best education. In addition to instilling technical knowledge, we also base our programmes on the development of values that allow your children to develop social skills, critical spirit and a permanent commitment to education and learning.

If you want to offer your children the best education for their future, choose British School of Malaga.

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