The British School of Málaga is situated in a beautiful area, surrounded by trees and green areas in the residential neighbourhood Cerrado de Calderón.  The complex consists of three buildings.

Access our facilities through our:

The Primary and Secondary school are in the Main Building, alongside the School Reception and the School Office.  The classrooms are split across four floors, two of which are for Primary and two for Secondary. The school includes specialised classrooms for Music, ICT, 4 Science laboratories, an Art workshop and Media Studies room.  There are separate libraries for Primary and Secondary, a Sixth Form common room and a large dining room where lunch is served each day.

The Foundation building is an enclosed area for our youngest students, with adapted facilities for their age and needs. The classrooms and nap rooms are split across two floors, for the Nursery and Reception year groups.  Furthermore, the classes make use of terraces enabling the children to work outside too. The Foundation area also has a large outdoor play area for activities which is surrounded by trees and will be undergoing a complete renovation in summer 2019.  The children have their own adapted dining room in the building.

The British School of Málaga also offers excellent sports facilities and a swimming pool.  The sports building contains the PE classrooms, Judo room, gym and showers. Access to the sports courts and pitches is also through this entrance.  The school has a football pitch and tennis, basketball and padel courts.

The school has a large car park and a parking area reserved for school buses and is located near to the Next shopping centre.

In Summer 2021, plans were revealed for the construction of a new 4 floor Primary building which will substantially increase the number of available places. This new building consisting of 3700 square metres will provide new technological, sporting and cultural facilities.