It is a pleasure to welcome you to The British School of Malaga, where our students feel valued and listened to as well as part of a learning community that supports them in achieving their dreams and ambitions.















We have an educational experience is based on british teaching, focused on language learning throughout all stages of education. Our British school in Malaga offers your children the best educational environment, with immersive experiences that enhance language learning and practice on an ongoing basis. 

Our language programs are complemented with personal attention to the student, and activities that go beyond the usual curricular proposal, each student can develop their abilities in the best academic environment.  

Among the proposals that differentiate British School Malaga from other international schools in Malaga, we highlight the following.   

Indoor and outdoor facilities

Our facilities are prepared so that our students can develop their full potential. The sports area includes soccer fields, multi-sports courts and gymnasium. Our classrooms are equipped with everything necessary to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom. 

Teaching in different languages

The curricular proposal is based on a british education, which is completed with the learning of a third language, German or French, during the secondary school years.  

Values based on integral education and respect

Our educational programs include the transmission of values from the first years of schooling. In today’s environment, it is important that our students understand the importance of values, from a humanistic and secular point of view. 

Technology and innovation for learning

We apply the most advanced technological methods for learning in the classroom. We integrate the main advances in academic innovation, so our students integrate digital devices into their routines.  

Our British international school prepares your children for the challenges they will face in the future. Academic experience is key for adult life, both in the workplace and in the private sphere. At British School Malaga we have created a unique educational offer, our students have the tools they will need for their future.  

More professional opportunities for students

The work environment demands people capable of communicating in at least two languages. At British School Malaga we prepare our students to communicate in English, with the same ease with which they communicate in their mother tongue. This advantage means better job opportunities and superior preparation for their future career.   

Cognitive and communicative development

Language learning has positive consequences for their cognitive abilities. Learning other languages stimulates the student’s cognitive and communicative abilities, encouraging their learning in other areas.  

Improved academic performance

The result of our academic program is a higher academic performance, the best proof of which are the results that, year after year, our students obtain. Our british programs allow our students to reach the last years of high school with the appropriate knowledge to face the university stage with confidence. 

If you are looking for a British school for infant, primary and secondary school, at British School Malaga we offer you the best educational offer. Our language programs begin in the infant school, at this age the student is still developing their communication skills, including a second language in their routines, allowing them to communicate fluently in a short period of time. 

During primary school, the student acquires vocabulary and assimilates the basics of grammar. In secondary school, an advanced level of communication is developed, and the learning of a third language is included.  

Our students have the opportunity to practically apply their skills throughout the educational process. The formation of our students is completed with the teaching of values and their continuous putting into practice.      

Academic results

For us, the best proof of the effectiveness of our educational program are the results that our students obtain each year. Our British school in Malaga offers the perfect environment for all academic stages, with an education based on language learning and an environment dedicated exclusively to teaching at the highest level.   

Another of British School Malaga’s competitive advantages is the environment that guarantees the International School Partnership (ISP), an international institution formed by schools from all over the world, which allows us to offer our students the best educational experiences, both in the classroom and through international activities.

Our students regularly enjoy international experiences focused on improving their communication skills and language competencies. ISP provides the necessary support to help our students develop the practical side of the language.  

We offer International Opportunities for our students

ISP offers our students all kinds of placements in multilingual schools. International experience is fundamental for acquiring an advanced level of practical communication. International exchanges with other schools belonging to the ISP, offer us the most appropriate framework to encourage the putting into practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom.  

The planning of international activities allows us to choose from dozens of English-speaking schools around the world. We have programs for all levels, from the first grades of primary school to the upper grades, who enjoy face to face international experiences, in which, in addition to perfecting their communication skills, they learn first hand about other cultures.

We are the British school in Malaga with the best educational proposal for your children. British School Malaga develops a british program to which we add the learning of a third language from secondary school onwards. The results of our students show us, year after year, that our academic methodology is the most appropriate to help our students achieve their goals.

At the The British School of Málaga we have enrollment open throughout the year. There is no specific deadline for this, although we recommend that you guarantee your place as soon as possible. Fill in the form and we will contact you to start the admission process.