BSM Garden

During 2022, thanks to the ISP Futures team, the BSM Forest and Allotment Projects got underway. María Galvez, responsible for this project, has been supported by a group of students determined to make this a reality.
The idea is to set up an enclosure outside in a corner next to the football pitches. This will be split into two sections, one will be the organic fruit and vegetable garden and the other will be the forest where they will plant trees adjacent to the existing ones.
The space will be converted into an outside learning area and a project in which students will actively participate, learning how to care for the plants. It is hoped that the students will eventually be able to eat their own organic fruit and vegetables.
At the beginning of the academic year 2022/2023, they planted various fruit trees in the forest area (one by each school house). This planting session was the prize for the group of students who voluntarily helped to clean the local beaches earlier in the year.