We are a very approachable, close-knit community.

British Curriculum

All key stages of the curriculum have a Key Stage Coordinator who is responsible for them.  The stages in the British curriculum are EYFS (Early Years), KS1 (Years 1 and 2), KS2 (Years 3, 4, 5, 6), KS3 (Years 7, 8 and 9), KS4 (Years 10, 11), KS5 (Sixth Form).

In Early Years there is a teacher and an assistant per class, as well as assistants who help during break time and lunch time. In Primary, the children have a class teacher who teaches all subjects except for some specialised subjects such as PE o Music.  In Secondary, the students are taught by specialised teachers in each subject and they also have a tutor who supervises their development in general.

The British School of Málaga has an established ALN Department (Additional Learning Needs) that covers students´ additional needs. The team of assistants provides extra support for teachers and helps individual students, personalising their educational experience. Furthermore we have an ESL Department (English as a Second Language), which gives intensive English courses to students who join the school and require additional English support.

Another vital part of our school is the Pastoral Department, which is in charge of pupils´ general wellbeing, good relationships, social development and good behaviour, especially in the teenage years.

All our teachers are UK-qualified, experienced teachers, many of whom have been teaching at The British School of Málaga for several years. Some of them are instantly recognisable school figures, who have worked at the school for almost two decades.

Spanish Curriculum

The Spanish department, both in Primary and Secondary, has an important presence here at The British School of Málaga.  In Primary school the children have a lesson in Spanish each day. In Secondary this is extended to two subjects (Spanish Language and Literature, Geography and History).  Finally, in the Sixth Form the students have ten Spanish subjects to choose from.

After School Activities

We also have a fantastic team of extracurricular activity teachers and monitors, from sports to music, to culture and general leisure: judo, football, basketball, padel, tennis, ballet, gymnastics, funky, chess, skating etc.

Non Teaching Staff

Aside from the teaching staff, we also have administrative and office staff who help make the school day run smoothly: Secretaries, Admissions and Marketing, Finance, ICT technicians, maintenance, the cleaning team and the kitchen team.