Learning Promises are our non-negotiables that we make to you and your child. They are the key objectives of our core values that all staff observe when creating positive learning experiences—when they are teaching, mentoring, or giving written or oral feedback.

Your child will:

  1. Learn and be amazed by the rich experiences they have encountered.
  2. Grow in an international learning community.
  3. Learn skills for life through the development of our 8 core values (aspiration, collaboration, communication, creativity, independence, leadership, reflection and resilience).
  4. Be motivated through our personalised learning approach and confident in the pathway they are travelling.


We have 8 core values that are central to becoming a happy and successful life-long learner. They are:

Aspiration is a strong desire to achieve our goals and ambitions.
Collaboration is working together positively to reach a common goal.
Communication is sharing, understanding and responding to opinions and ideas.
Creativity is using our knowledge, skills and imagination to innovate and invent.
Independence is learning to achieve our own objectives by ourselves.
Leadership is taking responsibility, developing self-confidence and motivating others.
Reflection is learning from past mistakes and successes so we can improve.
Resilience is never giving up when we face challenges and struggle.