KS3 Coordinator Dan Groves and KS4 Coordinator Janet Legler

Pastoral Care develops, promotes and supports the personal and social welfare of the students. This is overseen by a closely knit team of coordinators, who conduct a PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) programme for the different key stages. Lessons and assemblies address the challenges of adolescence and the students’ increasing independence. Students are taught skills to manage diverse relationships and the increasing influence of peers and the media. They will be able to tackle the challenges of effective learning and make a full and active contribution to society. Students are encouraged to embody the school’s eight core values of Aspiration, Leadership, Independence, Resilience, Communication, Reflection, Creativity and Collaboration. Community outreach programmes, such as fundraising activities for charities and NGOs as well as our volunteering programmes, are fundamental to the school ethos.

KS5 Coordinator Jason Williams

In KS5, students continue with a similar programme of PSHE, with more focus on the students’ futures after they leave school and move onto university or begin work. Students are supported by a team of KS5 specialists who all have extensive experience in assisting students as they apply for university.
Students meet for assemblies on a weekly basis and follow a programme of PHSE lessons focussing on the new challenges they face as they prepare to leave school. In Sixth Form, students visit conferences where they meet university representatives to discuss their specific entry requirements and the profile of the students they are looking for.
KS5 students have their own uniform which mirrors the expectations of their future employers.