Much of a school’s success depends on its ability to support each individual student. At The British School of Malaga, we offer a strong support system. The essential support is provided by the class teacher or tutor. The tutors keep a close eye on the students’ academic progress and deal with any personal, social or academic problems. They are the main link between the home and school.

The school needs to maintain close relationships with parents if pupils are to make good progress. We provide regular reports and arrange parental interviews throughout the year. Both in the Primary and Secondary schools, the reporting system is made up of full written reports and performance reports. We aim to provide clear information about what pupils know, understand and can do, and to define precise targets for improvement. We also encourage frequent contact between parents and teachers to resolve any concerns or problems. We track children’s progress carefully using our academic tracking systems, and deal with issues rapidly and effectively.

In the course of the year, we organise parent talks to discuss curricular matters or to help prepare pupils for key decisions such as optional subjects or university entry.