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Why is it important to worry about the well being of our students, families and staff? We are an educational community and we firmly believe that it is necessary to be well ourselves in order to be able to give 100%. As a school, we are clear that the community is firstly made up of our children, however, as with all our initiatives, we always consider our families and staff.

In our experience, in order to perform well at school, a child should feel well in the three areas that define well being: physically, emotionally and socially.  The same applies to the people around them, their family, teachers and staff at school.

This is the objective of the school’s Wellbeing Programme. That all members of the British School of Malaga receive support, guidance and resources to be their best as a person and in their academic or professional role. Through this website, we want to compile all our resources and put them within reach of everybody so we can all reach this goal.


The Wellbeing Team is made up of the school principal, nurser and a group of teachers including the Pastoral Coordinator and a PE teacher.